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Eternal Soldier

Fresco of Soldier Lancing Christ
Fresco by Fra Angelico, Dominican monastery at San Marco, Florence (c. 1440)

Talk about war history. My new novel Eternal Soldier (hopefully published later in 2018) covers seven time periods all with a backdrop of war and conflict.

Eternal Soldier imagines the future life of a man who is in one of the most unique places in history. The main character, Leo, is a Roman soldier. He lances Jesus on the cross and is splattered with the water and blood of the savior of the world.

This not-so-ordinary crucifixion launches Leo on a spiritual and physical journey through the ages.

The young, tall Roman dies in battle but wakes up as a barbarian in the army of Alaric the Visigoth, who goes on to sack Rome. More battle deaths ensue as Leo finds himself in the First Crusade, the English Civil War, the American Civil War, the Russian Front in WW II and finally, Israel in the near future.

At each stop in time, Leo struggles to adapt to his new situation and learn about God’s plans and ways.  All while fighting the latest enemy for a chance at peace. A group of interesting women, priests, ministers, comrades and even a robot aid Leo on his quest to find a place of rest.

As a publishing date draws nearer, I’ll talk more about Eternal Soldier and release some excerpts and bonus material.


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